'Most technologically advanced bed in the world' contains Biomaster protection

A uniquely engineered mattress-free bed with inbuilt antimicrobial technology has been selected as a finalist in this year’s Best of British Product Design category. The Ammique® bed is an ergonomically engineered 'body contouring' sleep system designed to provide consistent support in tune with body movement irrespective of changing weight and shape. The surface of the Ammique® support system comprises of many thousands of small plastic domed caps, each cap is fixed onto a rod. All of the rods pass through a support/guide bar and half are held within an extension spring allowing upward and downward movement. The rods are loosely linked together both across and down the bed and move interdependently. Designed with hygiene as a priority, the built-in plastic components also feature Biomaster antimicrobial protection to let sleepers rest assured that the bed will maintain a fresh profile even after years of use.

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