Muggi goes 100 per cent recycled as a result of Green Growth

MUGGI has joined the Green Growth Programme from Made in Britain. Managing director David Trotter (left) has shared his Green Growth experience.

What did the Green Growth assessment tell you about your business?

That muggi was not as green as I thought we were, that there was lots of room for improvement both within the company but also with and between my key suppliers and partners.

Has the Green Growth assessment changed the way you work?

Yes on many levels. It prompted and confirmed my decision to shift to 100 per cent recycled materials in our manufacturing process. Muggi production uses 100 per cent recycled plastic both recycled, post-consumer land and regenerated ocean marine plastic and still guaranteed for 88 years!

We now have ongoing conversations with our packaging, labelling and fulfilment partners around reducing emissions and waste.

We are implementing sustainable, but also commercially viable and productive initiatives that benefit both muggi and the supplier.

How easy was it to gather the data? How long did it take you to fill it in?

It’s great that you can download the form prior to filling it out online, meaning that you can approach it in a way that suits your own schedule. It was not that arduous, probably only about 3-4 hrs in total.

Did the Green Growth assessment tell you anything you didn't know?

There are lots of little changes that one can make and start to make a difference across the business. But also start to influence the actions and possible practices of other partner businesses

What has been the biggest benefit, having completed the Green Growth assessment?

It has given muggi a framework to work to, to enable the business not only grow profitably but also ethically and more sustainably.

All current and future purchases are now always measured against their environmental impact.

If you would like your business to join the Green Growth Programme, the journey starts here:

For more information about muggi, see the company’s member profile page here.

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