New members to the Technology, Chemicals, Engineering and Home & Living sectors

This week we welcomed seven new members to Made in Britain membership. Joining us in the Chemicals, Home & Living, Technology, Engineering and Building & Construction sectors. 
First up this week is Tetramass Ltd who will join the Chemicals. They are specialists in the field of design, manufacturing and supplying of bespoke additives and coatings. They intend to use the Made in Britain mark on their labels, packaging, website and social media. 
Joining the Home & Living sector is UPOWA who make electric vehicle charging point technology for residential properties. They plan to use the Made in Britain mark on their product labels, packaging, marketing materials, social media and website. 
Also joining the Home & Living sector is Pintail Candles who make hand poured tin candles. They will be using the mark on their website and brochure. 
Evolution Tech Services Ltd will be joining the Engineering sector. They make non-metal laser cut components and products. They intend to use the Made in Britain mark on their website, social media and some products and packaging.  
Also joining the Engineering sector, we welcome Springmasters Ltd. They make compression, expansion and torsion springs, with wire forms, disc springs, and allied products from 0.1mm-50mm. They plan to use the mark on their company website, social media and emails. 
CR Lab Installations join the Building & Construction sector. They manufacturer laboratory and educational furniture, and they intend to use the mark on their website, emails, promotional materials and social media. 
To end this week’s round up, Harper Chalice Group will be joining us in the Technology sector. They manufacturer perimeter detection systems and security products. They intend to use the Made in Britain mark on their marketing materials.

From everyone at Made in Britain, we would like to welcome our new members. We look forward to seeing your Members’ News Stories and your products in the Members’ Product Directory.

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