New Vauxhall Vivaro bears the mark

WHEN Vauxhall was bought by PSA in 2017 we weren't sure how that might affect the Vivaro, the Luton-built van that has proudly carried the Made in Britain mark on its back door since 2015.

Discreet enquiries about the all-new Vivaro and whether it would be made in Britain received the encouraging news that it would be built at Luton and, what's more, because the Vivaro is a totally new vehicle, the Made in Britain badge is probably the only part it has in common with its predecessor!

Made in Britain was delighted to see the new TV advert for the all-new Vivaro when it hit our screens at the beginning of August. Not only does the Made in Britain badge appear on the van, it also features in the TV advert:

The van on display at a commercial vehicle trade show had the Made in Britain mark displayed prominently on the van's bonnet:

Seeing Vauxhall proudly displaying the mark on its new van means a lot to us at Made in Britain and we wish the company every success with the all-new Vivaro.

By Made in Britain 1 year ago | Made in Britain news

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