OF Bell joins Made in Britain, celebrating our commitment to British manufacturing

OF Bell has joined Made in Britain, the official mark for British manufacturing, celebrating and communicating our commitment to onshore manufacturing and engineering.

Established in the UK for over 50 years, OF Bell remains as committed to British manufacturing and engineering as we've ever been. 

Forming part of our clients' supply chains across the UK and internationally during that time, we firmly believe in the value of investing in skills, experience and expertise that deliver complex components manufactured under one roof with unbeatable accuracy and reliability.

OF Bell joins leading British manufacturers as a Made in Britain member

OF Bell is delighted therefore to have joined Made in Britain, the official mark for British manufacturing which is growing in popularity across a complete range of industry sectors.

You may have spotted the Made in Britain logo on products or in promotional materials for anyone from construction product manufacturers to innovators of solar-powered technologies, hand-crafted goods and health and beauty product developers.

Made in Britain's blog welcomes OF Bell to the organisation

What is Made in Britain?

The not-for-profit Made in Britain organisation unites British manufacturers under a registered collective trademark, promoting British manufacturing through use of the trademark logo and by working with UK trade bodies, government departments and the media to promote the interests of the British manufacturing sector. 

The trade body now comprises 2000 members, with a mark that's recognised as a symbol of quality standards and supporting members in areas including sales, marketing, export, communications, PR and sustainability. Board members are experienced British manufacturers themselves, enjoying exceptional track records in business leadership, development, export, small-scale boutique manufacturing and innovation.

Why has OF Bell joined Made in Britain?

OF Bell's complex component engineering team explored Made in Britain membership as part of our brand and website refresh project in 2023.

We're excited to have joined this growing, well-recognised organisation that shares our values, promoting British skills and industry that encourages onshoring and reshoring trade practices.

There are so many benefits to British manufacturing. OF Bell's engineering processes help our client businesses to achieve their full potential through:

  • Confidential product design and development, conducted entirely in-house with no need to outsource any element of production in order to protect clients' business interests, innovation and ideas.
  • In-house tooling manufacture, protecting this critical element of the manufacturing and production process through confidentiality and decades of industry experience.
  • Thorough quality-checking from start to finish by a team that knows and understands what you need from your complex miniature components, and how every component should perform when tested.
  • Fast, scalable supply from our Co. Durham-based team, avoiding the delays, disruption and expense caused by international shipping or its unpredictable price hikes.

OF Bell's Director Kate Rogers comments:

"We explored a number of different organisations that could help us to take OF Bell forward. Made in Britain really stood out, sharing so many of our values and with an exciting, growing brand that's becoming ever-more recognisable in the UK by both those involved in industry and the wider consumer population. 

British manufacturing offers so much, as both a supply chain partner and as an essential part of our local economies. OF Bell's proud to sit alongside Made in Britain and its members, using the MiB mark to communicate the benefits of our onshore complex component manufacturing and engineering services."

Complete complex miniature components, Made in Britain by OF Bell

Since 1973, OF Bell has worked alongside clients including those in the oil and gas sectors, the medical sector, utilities, consumer goods, construction and household product manufacturers, as a trusted, UK-based manufacturing partner delivering fully-assembled, tested and quality-assured complex components and moulded parts that form a vital part of supply chains across the UK and worldwide.

Based in Bishop Auckland, Co. Durham in the North East, OF Bell's end-to-end, ISO-certified work is supported by customer service excellence, specialist engineering expertise and over 50 years' experience. From confidential in-house product design and development to injection moulding, assembly and testing of electrical and precision parts, miniature and complex small parts by OF Bell enable client businesses to achieve their full potential through reliable, confidential and complete complex component engineering.

Find out more about complex component manufacturing & engineering with OF Bell

OF Bell's miniature component engineering team in Bishop Auckland, County Durham, delivers reliable, consistent and highly-accurate electrical assemblies and moulded small parts for cross-sector organisations in the North East. Get in touch to find out more about our manufacturing processes and book a meeting with our team.

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