Parliamentary Review features Made in Britain member Aquavision

AQUAVISION Distribution Limited is a small company based in Stockport, Greater Manchester and is a world-leading manufacturer of waterproof, in-wall and mirror televisions. Managing director Alastair Benn invented the world’s first waterproof TV back in 1997.

The Made in Britain member has now been featured in the prestigious publication Parliamentary Review, which offers the opportunity to share best practice across the private and public sectors while also influencing future government policy and strategy. Each of its editions focuses on a key governmental policy area, with a variety of organisations sharing personal insight alongside cabinet ministers, government agencies, associations and trade bodies.

By combining commentaries from award-winning journalists with innovative thinking from industry experts, The Parliamentary Review claims to provide a comprehensive summary of the past year and a reliable template for the year to come, according to its website. This links to the Aquavision feature:

In his article, Alastair Benn tells the Aquavision story and explains why membership of Made in Britain is key to his company’s success at home and abroad: “Our manufacturing takes place in the UK, a country in which regulatory standards are high. Aquavision products carry the ‘Made in Britain’ marque, which lends us a considerable degree of legitimacy in the global market.”

You can see Aquavision’s Made in Britain member profile here

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