Preparing your Artificial Tennis Court

The winter season as ever has been particularly unpredictable and can affect the maintenance requirements for outdoor courts. So ensuring that your artificial tennis courts has been looked after properly is vital more than ever, not only for the players but also for the court itself.

During the winter months tennis courts are exposed to various weather conditions such as wind, ice, and snow which can impact on the surrounding environment of a court and as such can be prone to debris, decaying foliage or in some cases excess water left lying on the surface. Left over a long period of time, these can cause significant damage to the courts surface.

Here are our tips to maintain your court effectively to prolong the life of your artificial tennis courts.

Cleaning your Tennis Court surface

To clean your court effectively without damaging the surface we would recommend the following methods.

  • Regularly removing any debris from the courts with help to reduce any foliage gathering in the corners and thus ensuring no damaging fungus or mould will occur.
  • Keeping any adjacent vegetation well pruned throughout the Autumn and Winter months can reduce the amount of debris.
  • Use a soft bristle brush to remove smaller debris - Avoid using a hard bristle brush as this could damage the surface.
    A high pressured washer can be used to remove moss, however, we would recommend patch testing an area first to check its at the right pressure.
  • DO NOT USE chemicals such as weed-killers on the courts as these could damage the surface.


Any tennis court should have been installed with a superior drainage system in place to remove any excess water.

Regular maintenance checks of the drainage systems can ensure that if there are issues such as damage to the pipes or debris blocking the drains can be detected and rectified at the earliest point.

If the drainage system is not maintained properly it can lead to more severe damages that may be more costly to repair.


With courts left open to the elements over the winter months, there is the possibility of some repairs needed to the courts before the clubs re-open in the spring. Some damage can occur to the courts that is not always visible, such as tree root growth or some ground movement. As such we would also recommend arranging a court inspection in the Spring to provide an evaluation of the courts


Should your court be deemed unplayable and beyond repair then a new surface would be the next course of action. Playrite are experts in supplying high quality Tennis Courts surfaces as part of court refurbishment programmes and can help to advise on the right product for your tennis club.

Contact the team today to find out how we can help.

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