Procurement, proximity and added social value

Made in Britain invited to speak at NHS Procurement event by Audit Yorkshire and 360 Assurance on 11 Sept 2023.

It is always a great pleasure for Made in Britain to be invited to represent our 2000 members, speaking to professional and expert audiences on the vital topic of responsible procurement. Following on from the keynote at this year’s Procurex procurement conference at the NEC in May, CEO John Pearce (pictured, left) was invited to speak to an expert gathering on the topic of supply chain resilience, sustainability and business trust for Audit Yorkshire and 360 Assurance, NHS Internal Audit Providers, who are committed to holding learning and networking events throughout the year that look at topical issues of interest to NHS Board members. The events attract delegates from across Yorkshire & Humber and the Midlands. 

“Focus on proximity and measurable social value appears to be gaining headway, above and beyond an emphasis only on simply prices and saving a few ‘pennies-in-the-pound’ attitude. I believe procurement professionals are seeking a measurably better and greener solution for buying goods and services within the UK. Buying products made by our members, that demonstrate transparency in all they do, is the fast-track way to secure local, regional and national added social value. Buying locally from an official Made in Britain licence holder is as easy as visiting the website and making a phone call.” 
John Pearce, CEO Made in Britain

After the online presentation, citing re-shoring and localisation case studies from MiB members, Furnitubes, Beaver Bridges and Fracino, delegates were keen to signpost to all Made in Britain members making healthcare and health-related goods, to the following open data source that can serve as useful indicators to spend levels across the NHS: 

Some of the other related topics covered in this specialist NHS procurement event were:

Delivering Sustainability in Commercial Strategies
Sarah Sesum and Agnieszka Gajli, Strategic Procurement Managers
Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation (YPO) 

WYAAT (West Yorkshire Association of Acute Trusts)
Ben Roberts, Associate Director of Finance
West Yorkshire Association of Acute Trusts

HNY Procurement Collaborative: The journey to collaboration
Edd James Director of Procurement
Humber & North Yorkshire Procurement Collaborative

Minimising fraud in the procurement process
Andrew Masterman- Fraud Prevention Lead

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