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The environmental crisis is a very serious issue facing everyone, but it’s not inevitable that it’ll spell disaster just as long as everyone does their part to protect the world.

One great way to do that is to stop throwing so much plastic into landfills. Enter NBB Recycled Furniture!

How do we help? As the name suggests, all the outdoor furniture, planters, bins, fencing, and much more that we manufacture is made from 100% recycled plastic that we save from landfill, protecting the environment as well as creating hard-wearing, tough furniture that will stand the test of time. We’re so sure of that, we offer a 25-year guarantee on it all! No corrosion, no cracking or splitting, and no fading, it lasts far longer than the timber alternative and doesn’t require constant treating or maintenance. In fact, it requires no maintenance, just normal cleaning and sanitising and since it’s non-porous plastic it’s easier to keep clean than wood, too!

Just how much plastic are we keeping out of the ground though? The best example might be the simplest of furniture, the humble Standard Picnic Table. We use twenty-eight 2-litre bottles’ worth of plastic per kilogram of our furniture, so with the Standard Picnic Table weighing in at 75kg that’s a whole lot of milk bottle caps, water bottles and other high-density plastic that is being used again instead of getting buried in the earth and not breaking down for decades (a terrible property of milk-bottle tops, but a fantastic property of your attractive picnic table!). That’s just one table too, so it’s easy to see exactly how much landfill we’re helping to avoid!

As proud members of Made in Britain we manufacture our recycled furniture right here in the UK too, which not only cuts down on pollution caused by shipping from overseas but also provides local jobs and keeps Great Britain tidier. Everyone wins!

Check out our range of 100% Recycled Furniture today and see how you can help protect the environment, just by having a lovely place to sit down!

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