Risbridger Ltd joins Made in Britain

Designing and manufacturing specialised engineering products primarily for the international aircraft servicing and petro-chemical industries: Risbridger Ltd joins the Made in Britain organisation.

As we approach the 100th anniversary of Risbridger Ltd’s inception in 1922, the current Risbridger team are proud to uphold the time honoured traditions of their predecessors, by providing innovative design solutions and engineering excellence across a range of industries. New Innovations from Risbridger include a low level vent system for petrol station forecourts which eliminates any need for working at height during both installation & servicing and the new DEAD-STOP (Patent applied for) mechanical overfill prevention device to be introduced to the generator and belly tank industries later this year. Established innovative and well-engineered products from Risbridger include the 7 Series Re-Oiling Pumps, which have gained such a strong reputation for quality and reliability that they are referred to as “Risbridgers” across their worldwide user base. It is not uncommon for pumps, first supplied in the 1980s, to be returned for new seals and filters  then sent back out into the world.

Keith Robinson, Managing Director of Risbridger, said “We are proud to be a British company manufacturing our own products under the “Made in Britain” brand.”

Risbridger Ltd plan to use the Made in Britain mark on as many of their products as is possible. Find out more about the company at its members’ directory profile here and its website here

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