Say hello to Grade A

Applelec are excited to announce the launch of our exclusive Grade A LED Ribbon tape and the next generation, Grade A, Green Applelec LED Light Sheet 2.0.

Through diligent R&D, the team have obtained exclusive rights to the industry’s first Grade A, super high efficiency LED Ribbon Tape.

Boasting an amazing 227 lm/W and a 120-degree beam angle, this flexible ribbon tape comes in widths of 8mm and 4mm. Users benefit from a 20% increase in brightness, whilst saving a whopping 50% (8mm) and 35% (4mm) on energy usage; making this the brightest and most energy efficient LED ribbon tape, currently available on the UK market.

Available on reels in a variety of kelvin colour temperatures, this exceptionally low wattage LED ribbon can be integrated into a wide range of applications including, signage, display, retail schemes and shopfitting products.

The Applelec R&D team are busy integrating this latest product release into our existing product line, the first of which is another industry first, our DC approved, environmentally friendly light panel, creating the next generation, Green Applelec LED Light Sheet 2.0.

Utilising our 4mm LED Ribbon Tape, elevates our light panel to Grade A status, benefiting from its 35% energy saving and 20% increase in brightness. All whilst retaining the quality and reliability you’ve come to trust from the Applelec brand.

Its slimline depths pushes the boundaries of signage fabrication and retail design, reducing fabrication depths down to 15mm, saving space, costs and raw materials. Coupled with is patented thermal management system, Green Applelec LED Light Sheet 2.0 is unparalleled by anything else you can find on the UK market.  

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