Social Distancing Screen Solution

As more and more people are thankfully able to return to work, the need for social distancing measures will expand to offices, factories and a whole range of other work environments.  But, with our customers telling us that demand for many clear plastics is already exceeding supply, the need for alternatives is becoming greater every day so, we at Multipanel UK, want to let everyone know that, together with our distributor customers, we can provide a solution.

We are the only UK manufacturer of Aluminium Composite Panels and, at our UK offices near Dover, we’re using Alupanel and Multishield for social distancing screens between desks. Alupanel’s choice of colours offers great design options whilst Multishield, our steel composite, has the benefit of being magnetically receptive and the option of a dry-wipe whiteboard coating. Both are easily fabricated and can be printed direct to provide a sleek, smooth one-piece screen that can have company logos or other information added for an impressive, bespoke result.

The need for clear screens is obvious in some applications but, using clear plastic only where the visibility is really needed, there is a huge range of functions where other materials could be used together with, or even instead of, clear plastics.  By incorporating alternative materials to floor-standing, counter-top and desk screens, stocks of clear plastics can be conserved and we can help plug that gap in the supply chain

We have a national network of distributors who can supply our products to manufacturers and fabricators or direct to companies who have the capability to make their own screens and partitions.

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