Sustainable Solutions for your Leisure Centre Changing Rooms

Minimize water and electricity use
There are several ways you can minimize water and electricity use throughout your changing rooms. With solutions such as automatic taps and LED lighting, you can help improve your sustainability throughout the project.

Use more “Green” products throughout the changing rooms
You could provide hand sanitisers at the vanity units, reducing the use of water and paper towels. Or green shower products, minimizing the chemicals going down the drains. Not only will these options improve your sustainability, but they could also be a selling point for a consumer. Using sustainable products throughout can help customers and potential customers form an idea of your brand. If they’re putting down a significant amount of money for your leisure centre, they may well want your brand’s values to align with their own.

Eco friendly / recycled materials
It used to be that choosing the “Green” option for materials in projects like changing rooms would cost a significant amount more than the “non-green” options. As sustainability becomes more and more important, and at the forefront of people’s minds, the cost difference has been getting smaller and is no longer a huge reach. Materials that come from renewable sources are also important for sustainability. Looking out for suppliers who are certified by organisations such as The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) will ensure the materials used in your project are 100% recyclable and have a long-lasting shelf life.

Carbon-neutral materials are also a great option for your changing room project. BioCarbon Laminates are a great example that provide a carbon neutral material for your lockers, cubicles, vanity units are more. BioCarbon Laminates calculate the carbon emissions and take the responsibility to manage carbon by controlling, monitoring and balancing carbon emitted development practices, reducing them to zero.

The process is important too
Whilst the importance of sustainable materials is key, you should choose suppliers that use sustainable manufacturing methods too. An example is Helmsman’s new Automatic Powder Coating system. Installed in 2021, the Gema Automatic Powder Coating System is a faster, more efficient and more sustainable technology for metallic powders.

Choose products that will stand the test of time!
The best way to be sustainable in your changing rooms project would be to choose products that will last and will not need to be replaced over and over. Finding a supplier who use Solid Grade Laminate, Glass, Timber and Metal, as well as industry-leading manufacturing methods will improve the lifetime of your changing room project.

BREEAM accreditation
BREEAM stands for the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method. It is the world's longest approved method of assessing, rating and certifying the sustainability of a building. BREEAM has a credit system, which is ranked by different sustainability requirements. If the requirements are fulfilled by architects, builders, and developers, then they will be awarded the credits depending on how they respond to the criteria.

Helmsman uses sustainable, long-lasting, recyclable and environmentally friendly materials to manufacture lockers and cubicles. We are always trying to improve and help the environment locally and globally. Read more in our blog here.

With Helmsman Lockers and Cubicles, you can be sure that our products will stand the test of time. With sustainable manufacturing processes and materials, your leisure centre changing rooms project will be in great hands.

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