Ulticolour coloured asphalt - Proud to have been chosen for the Commonwealth Games

ULTICOLOUR  asphalt was selected to surface the large pedestrian areas around the Alexandra Stadium in Birmingham ahead of the Commonweath Games. ULTICOLOUR is a range of coloured asphalts that combine a clear polymer modified binder, a pigment and colour matched aggregates. This produces bright colours and a longer lasting finish that resists surface wear and keeps its appearance for longer. ULTICOLOUR coloured asphalts provide a safe, durable all-weather surface that is accessible for all visitors including wheelchair users. The smooth, even, trip free surface also avoids the maintenance issues that can occur due to movement in block pavers. 

The new coloured asphalt footways around the stadium track matched the grandeur of the new stadium development and provided the visual impact and visitor appeal that the client was looking for. It also helped provide clear demarcation for spectators to identify pedestrian footways and segregate vehicular traffic from foot traffic. The client was happy with the speed of the work and the smooth, even finish. The proven durability of ULTICOLOUR asphalts will ensure that the new surface should be maintenance free for many years. 

Read the full story and see the full Ulticolour colour palette at: https://tarmac.com/products/asphalt/ulticolour

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