Unlocking Global Markets: Exporting Newarc Machines to Industries Worldwide

Newarc has a proud 50-year history in the UK manufacturing industry, setting a gold standard for reliability and innovation. As a member of the esteemed "Made in Britain" community, Newarc has been exporting its best-in-class welding machines to numerous countries, including Azerbaijan, Egypt, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Spain, Portugal, and beyond, while also planning on further expanding its global reach. Newarc's unwavering commitment to engineering excellence, with its 100% duty cycle air cooled machines, in challenging environments makes their welding machines an asset for industries worldwide.


A Legacy of Quality and Durability

Newarc's journey began in the United Kingdom in 1973, and over the past half-century, it has consistently demonstrated its dedication to producing high-quality welding machines. The company's unwavering commitment to excellence is reflected in its products, which are renowned for their durability and dependability with world leading air cooled 100% duty cycle. Newarc welding machines have become synonymous with reliability, thanks to their ability to withstand adverse conditions.


Proud Member of “Made in Britain”

Newarc is a proud member of the "Made in Britain" community. Membership in this prestigious group signifies Newarc's commitment to British craftsmanship and its passion for producing world-class products on UK soil. "Made in Britain" has become a symbol of quality and excellence, and Newarc is honored to be a member of this group.


Global Reach: Exporting Excellence

Newarc's commitment to quality and innovation is not confined to the British Isles alone. The company has been exporting its welding machines to a wide array of countries around the world, including Egypt, Qatar, Saudi Arabi, the United Arab Emirates, Spain, Portugal, and many others. These 100% air cooled machines are used in multiple industry sectors contributing to improved arc time which improves the customers’ productivity.

Newarc's expansion plans reflect the company's ambition to extend its reach and share its exceptional welding machines with an even broader global audience. This commitment to expansion demonstrates Newarc's belief in the continued demand for their products and their readiness to meet the needs of clients worldwide. Newarc is set to continue shaping the welding industry for many years to come.

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