Upgrading Falkirk’s Public Space CCTV

Revader Security was chosen by Safety & Security Specialists North to provide a fleet of mobile CCTV cameras as part of their contract to upgrade Falkirk Council’s public space CCTV and control room.

The cameras can be installed in virtually any location and are easily moved to target crime hotspots and areas of anti-social behaviour, acting as an effective deterrent and enabling the police to secure prosecutions. 

Revader’s redeployable CCTV cameras are rugged outdoor surveillance solutions which combine camera, recording, storage and wireless video transmission in a single unit. They can operate from a variety of power sources, including mains and battery. Falkirk Council also utilise a fleet of Revader’s rechargeable mobile battery units to provide supplementary power alongside daylight saving lamp posts. 

Falkirk Council described their new purchases as “state-of-the-art” cameras which “provide instantaneous and crystal clear images”, enabling them to “replace the grainy images of the past with those that provide pinpoint accuracy”. Council teams worked closely with North and Police Scotland to identify where the mobile cameras should be placed.   

The council stated: “by investing in this cutting-edge CCTV technology, the Council will not only be able to help reduce crime and anti-social behaviour, but in the future also use the cameras to support traffic management by providing real-time updates on traffic congestion via social media, increase public safety at major events, from festivals to football matches [and] support tourism”.

Cecil Meiklejohn, Leader of Falkirk Council, said she had been “impressed” by the speed at which the cameras had been rolled out, adding:

“By making this investment in the CCTV service, we continue to support the police in the fight against crime and make our position clear - we will not tolerate anti-social behaviour.”  

This investment was part of Falkirk Council’s £1m investment in CCTV, including an aspiration to have all alarm and monitoring systems integrated and controlled from a central location to help keep local people safe and reduce costs.  

Revader Security continues to work alongside our partners to support Falkirk Council and a variety of other clients in the public and private sectors.

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