Westminster Gas Lantern Replacement

Chesterton  I  Kingsley  I  Dickens

Our Chesterton, Kingsley & Dickens lanterns have been specially designed for the Westminster gas conversion project and we are pleased to announce that the first three units have been now installed.

We have been working very closely with Westminster City Council, FM Conway and WSP to produce extremely accurate replicas of the existing gas lanterns and after long discussions and many hours of hard work, the results speak for themselves.

The Chesterton, Kingsley & Dickens very closely match the original gas lanterns thanks to our Award-winning, patented Varoptic® light engine which has been designed to: reduce glare, provide traditional aesthetics of lanterns whilst using the latest high-power LEDs, reduce energy consumption and, reduce carbon footprint.

But it is not only the replica gas mantles that make our lanterns look like the originals - we have closely examined gas lanterns from generation to generation and replicated details such as timer, pipes, valves and boxes, to name just a few! A great deal of thought, design and engineering has gone into these three lanterns in order to provide an authentic and long-lasting solution for the World Heritage site of Westminster.

More information will be available soon, however if you would like to talk to us about your own project and how we can help, please call us on 01264 33 66 77 or email: sales@pudseydiamond.com

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