What More tackles plastic waste

AS a manufacturer of plastic goods, Made in Britain member What More UK is very aware of the damage being done to the environment by single-use plastics. What More doesn’t make single-use products, it makes durable products with a long life and those products are often used in recycling processes for collection and storage.

But What More UK is making use of single-use plastics in its manufacturing process. The Upcycle range of storage boxes is made out of recycled single-use plastic such as plastic drinks bottles. The Recycle range is made of old car bumpers and crates.

These storage boxes have a useful role in the recycling process itself as What More UK demonstrated when it took a whole load of them along to a beach clean up day at Blackpool. 25 members of What More staff joined a team of volunteers to rid the beach and promenade of litter.

It’s a shocking statistic but 100 metres of beach will usually yield 225 pieces of plastic, 42 packets, 40 glass items, 34 cigarette stubs, 33 caps and lids, 31 pieces of string/cord, 27 wet wipes, 27 cotton bud sticks, 18 lengths of fishing line and 18 pieces of cutlery/trays/straws.

What More UK has make a short video that shows exactly how it turns recycled single-use plastic into its Upcycled range of storage boxes. Watch the film here

Could you adopt recycled materials into your manufacturing process? It must be worth looking at. Or maybe there’s a clean-up campaign in your area, looking for volunteers who can get a bit of valuable team building experience out of doing something good.

For more information about What More UK, head over to the member page in the Made in Britain directory

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