Working with BSI to bring safe products to market

Product safety is a priority for businesses and their customers. Made in Britain is working closely with BSI, the National Standards Body and the Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS), to support members to bring safe products to market.

'PAS 7050:2022 Bringing safe products to the market - Code of practice', published by BSI can help you protect your customers and brand, build confidence through the supply chain, and address the requirements of product safety regulations.

PAS 7050 covers the development of a product safety management plan and includes a handy set of appendices with checklists for organisations that are putting this into practice. It complements PAS 7100 which organisations are already using to create product safety incident plans for product recalls and other corrective actions.

PAS 7050 is free to download. Get your copy here

Made in Britain would be interested to hear from any organisations who have already downloaded the PAS and would be very grateful if you could indicate your interest in having a conversation by emailing

Please note, if you haven’t implemented the standard yet, we would still be interested in any feedback you have. Rest assured your comments will be anonymous and the purpose of the research is not to identify gaps in organisations’ product safety practices. Instead, it is simply to understand any challenges which organisations have in relation to PAS 7050, and what would help overcome them.

Many thanks in advance for your support – it’s a subject which is critically important to Made in Britain and the BSI.

By Made in Britain 1 year ago | Government & Supply Chains

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