Breaking all records, the Lesjofors Heavy Springs group recently installed the largest model ever made of Wafios wire coiling machinery. 

In a first for Wafios, the globally recognised leader of wire working manufacturing technology, their massive FUL 226 model has made its debut in the groups Lesjöfors Fjadrar AB site. 

The €1.75m investment is part of an ongoing future focused growth plan in the groups expanding heavy springs market. Michael Gibbs, Managing Director of the UK factories and Chair of the Heavy Springs group says: “This exciting new investment cements the Lesjöfors group expansion intentions in the heavy springs sector and fuels our teams to continue to thrive being leaders in spring manufacture.”

At 40 tonnes and just shy of 10m long, the substantial FUL 226 can cold coil wire up to 30mm diameter in addition to coiling pre-tempered wire up to 22mm diameter, with a tensile strength of 2000 MPa.

Capabilities have been further enhanced with a new motorised wire pay-off, specifically developed by Wafios to manage the safety requirements of large wire dimension coiling.

Jan Carlson, Managing Director of Lesjöfors Fjadrar says: “As leaders in heavy springs we strive to lead from the front, securing the very latest technology to ensure we stay ahead of the game to deliver competitively to our customer base across the multiple sectors we serve.

This latest investment not only enables us to expand our product range, it also creates a new flexibility in material grade opportunities, increasing quality options, which in turn enables us to pass on cost efficiencies to our customers.

Securing this significant investment through our parent company further supports the recognition of growth in the heavy springs sector and we’re delighted to be able to expand our level of delivery to existing and new customers.”

David Stople, Project Lead at Lesjofors said: “It was certainly challenging, for us and Wafios, installing such a large and heavy piece of machinery but world firsts are meant to be difficult, aren’t they?

Our engineers ensured the installation went smoothly and after a period of intense training, we are now eager to optimise the potential of this new equipment.”

Find out more about Lesjöfors Heavy Springs UK on their member profile page here

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