Chesterfelt Chesterbond Green Mineral - Traditional Pour and Roll Cap Sheet Membrane

Manufactured by Chesterfelt Ltd

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Chesterfelt Chesterbond Green Mineral is a traditional pour and roll membrane which is used as the final waterproofing layer in conjunction with an underlay membrane such as Chesterbond Underlay. It features a rag fibre base which is saturated and coated in oxidised bitumen and is finished with light sand on the lower surface and mineral granules on the upper surface.

When incorporated in a suitably designed and installed multi-layer system, maintained in accordance with BS 8217:2005 - Reinforced bitumen membranes for roofing, Chesterbond Green Mineral will provide reliable waterproofing performance and is suitable for use on all types of non-habitable dwellings and outbuildings.

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Chesterfelt Ltd

Building & Construction / Materials

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