Duct Seal HG - Duct Sealing System (The Best Sealing System for Large Heavy Cables)

Manufactured by AC Cable Solutions Ltd

Product Buying Options

Product Capacity: 1500 per week

Minimum Order Quantity: 49.20

Additional Sales Information: Duct Seal HG can be bought by contacting AC Cable Solutions directly, or through any distribution or wholesaler channels: Examples are: Cable Glands UK, City Electrical, Edmundsons, Rexel, Travis Perkins and Keyline

Product Description

Duct Seal HG (Water & Gas) is an innovative re-enterable duct sealing solution with remarkable flexibility in sealing large, heavy cables and pipes within ducted networks. It serves to safeguard against the infiltration of harmful or flammable substances, such as gases, liquids, smoke, and pests.

Duct Seal HG is equipped with our cutting-edge PATENT PENDING tubular rubber backing system. This system can be interconnected into a long, continuous strip, formed into a ring or collar, or ingeniously arranged in a cross shape to perfectly accommodate trefoil/triplex cables. This distinctive design not only ensures compliance with DSEAR regulations but also simplifies the installation process, especially for supporting and separating large cables or pipes. The PATENT PENDING ULTIMATE backing system is unparalleled in its kind and is complemented by our NEW Fybrid flexible intumescent, zero-halogen, and zero-Meko adhesive and sealing compound, known as Grey Stuff. All of these components are proudly crafted and manufactured in the UK.

Duct Seal HG, in conjunction with Grey Stuff, offers a non-hazardous, FyBrid-based single-component sealant that cures neutrally. This sealant has been meticulously engineered to withstand the challenging conditions around duct openings, ensuring the protection of ducted networks and penetrations.

Key Features:

One-of-a-kind patented trefoil/triplex cable separation - The best in the market
MEKO-free, Fybrid, Non-Hazardous Intumescent sealant 
Water & Gas Tight
Resists Toxic Gases - Ideal for the Water Industry
Resists Hydrocarbons - Perfect for the Petrol Forecourt industry
Flame Retardent - tested to: UL94: 2013 ANSI / UL 94: 2018
Microbial Defense - boosted to resist fungi & bacteria
MADE IN UK - All components are designed and manufactured locally

If you have running water through the ducts that can't be stopped, please look at our mechanical range of duct sealing systems, by clicking HERE


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AC Cable Solutions Ltd

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