E500/ESD Conductive/Dissipative Floor Tiles

Manufactured by Ecotile Flooring Ltd

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Ecotile Flooring manufacture and supply ESD floor tiles, suitable for areas where components or people have to be protected from risks of electrostatic damage. Our ESD floor tiles are a conductive flooring or static dissipative flooring system which is guaranteed to meet BS EN 61340-5-1 and is IEC 61340 compliant. The ground resistance falls between 2.9 x 10⁴ ohm/m2 and 5.7 x 10⁶ ohm.

Available in a 7mm thick, heavy duty tile which can support fork and pallet truck traffic if required. The conductive properties of our ESD floor will last a lifetime and create a safe conductive floor to use as your primary ground, as long as its maintained properly and grounded with our instructions. 

We have recently made some improvements to the design of our ESD tile which includes changing the interlocking joint to an X shape. This provides a modern, almost seamless appearance when installed.  A new surface texture offers even better compliance with the walking test yet still maintains the anti-slip properties. 



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