Hands-Free Adaptor for Eclipse Handle

Manufactured by Calomax Ltd

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Product Capacity: 100 per week

Minimum Order Quantity: 1

Additional Sales Information: Buy online from our website by following this link http://www.calomax.co.uk/hands-free-adaptor.html

Product Description

For customers particularly concerned about potential cross-contamination from Covid-19 during the current pandemic, we have developed a hands-free adaptor which simply slides down over the existing tap handle and positively locates against the base. This is done without tools, and without needing to turn the boiler off. 

Rather than users touching the handle when making a hot drink, the adaptor is operated by the mug itself. Designed specifically for the shaped Eclipse handle, the adaptor cannot be accidentally dislodged and the dispense bar will not scratch anyone's favourite mug. 

Key Features:

Designed and manufactured in Britain
No tools needed for installation
No common touchpoints
No maintenance
Easily cleaned in situ with soap and water

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Calomax Ltd

Food & Beverage / Catering

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