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Presenting our latest Teeth Whitening Strips featuring an enhanced formula for rapid results clinically proven to whiten teeth by up to 6 shades.

The advanced dry-strip technology has been designed for optimal adherence, and greater user comfort!

We offer private label Teeth Whitening Strips bespoke to your branding requirements. Our teeth whitening strips are developed to whiten teeth and remove deep set stains in just 30 minutes of whitening treatments, over a course of 14 days.

We consider them to be the best teeth whitening strips as they contain tooth enamel-friendly ingredients specifically for sensitive teeth meaning no discomfort, no gum irritation, and no sensitivity.

Home teeth whitening that works.

So why should you use our strips to whiten your teeth?

The elastic consistency of our proprietary gel combined with advanced mould technology provides improved cohesion to the teeth. This, along with our low level hydrogen peroxide whitening ingredient delivers intensive instant stain removal that targets deep-set and surface stains caused by the effects of coffee, tea, red wine, smoking and the natural ageing process. You will see rapid results with visibly whiter teeth that gives you a confident radiant smile.

Achieving an optimal whitening strip experience revolves around six key factors:

Application ease
Adhesion during wear
Taste and texture in the mouth during activation
Duration of wear
Smooth removal process
Noticeable results after a single treatment
These elements play a pivotal role in ensuring a whitening experience that is not only effective but also comfortable, pleasant, and timely. Sodium Chlorite, recognized as one of the most potent teeth-whitening ingredients, is widely accepted for its enamel-safe, dental-grade properties, delivering superior results in minimal application time.

The challenge has been to develop Sodium Chlorite whitening strips that are both convenient and effective while maintaining safety and comfort. Initial versions faced issues with overly “wet” gel strips, causing slipping and undesirable gel flow. On the contrary, more recent strips, though highly adhesive, can be excessively “dry” and challenging to remove.

Addressing this predicament, White Label Lab created the ideal solution. Our strips utilise an ultra-thin material for effortless molding to the tooth surface, ensuring universal coverage and comfort for both top and bottom teeth.

Our Strips offer the ideal adhesion strength that prevents overflow and facilitates easy removal. Providing a dazzling white experience, these strips reduce the required wear time for exceptionally clean and bright results without the inconvenience of a gooey residue.


28 x Strips (14 pouches)


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