The Made in Britain code of conduct

This Code of Conduct is for members of Made in Britain. It sets out the core principles and standards to which members of Made in Britain are expected to adhere. The standards set out in this document are to safeguard the reputation of the Made in Britain organization and to maintain the highest possible perception of quality associated with the UKIPO registered collective mark that the organization licenses to members. 

This document must be signed by the Made in Britain member. This must be the Business Owner, a Company Director or person authorised to act on their behalf.

The Made in Britain membership organisation aims to prove, wherever possible that products made in Britain by our members are of the highest quality, represent value of money, are safe for anyone that uses or consumes them and that the companies that make them adhere to the highest business standards. 

  1. Members of Made in Britain control and manage a factory, workshop or studio where people make finished products in Britain. Member businesses must be keen to share evidence of this to help emphasize the competitive advantages of being a British manufacturer.
  2. Members of Made in Britain must be able to provide, if ever requested for any reason, evidence that they are not using the collective mark to identify any products they sell that are not made in Britain. The marque is for use on products that are made in Britain.
  3. Members of Made in Britain are encouraged to inform the organisation of any possible misuse or mis-representation of the mark where they find it. Made in Britain will pursue any case of passing off, mis-use, use without being a member and other mark applications that do not fall within our published Terms & Conditions.  
  4. To renew your membership of Made in Britain you must declare annually any change in revenue so we know whether your business should move into a different tier of membership. This will also help Made in Britain to promote members who have increased in annual turnover, after they joined Made in Britain.
  5. Members of Made in Britain should demonstrate a commitment to the on-going training and development of their staff. This can be easily shared by informing us of your ISO accreditations and other sector-specific accreditations on issues such as diversity and business transparency. This information is to help us promote our members as the highest quality employers.
  6. Members of Made in Britain shall comply with all applicable Health & Safety Laws and Regulations by providing a clean and safe environment in which to work, establishing, maintaining and following responsible policies and practices in their product or material sector, and responding promptly to enquiries about Health & Safety issues relating to their manufacturing processes, products and services.
  7. Members must share with Made in Britain their accreditations and their values regarding sustainability, the environment and climate change. These can be easily communicated as ISO or your other accreditations and serve to help us promote our members as exemplary businesses.
  8. Members of Made in Britain must adhere to all regulations set out here by HM government regarding  Anti-slavery, Child Labour, Anti-bribery / Anti-corruption. Members shall demonstrate their commitment to acting fairly and ethically in all their commercial activities by not engaging in any corrupt activity or act of bribery.
  9. All Made in Britain Member products must comply with product-specific legislation, regulations, codes, standards and any other requirements regarding materials, performance, contaminants and other product safety criteria, and those products shall be tested and certified in accordance with their own adequate self-certification procedures or third party agencies as appropriate. Further, Members of Made in Britain shall not make any false claims or representations about the quality, composition or performance of any of their products.
  10. Members of Made in Britain shall adhere to legislation prohibiting the restraint of trade, unfair practices and abuse of economic powers. Members shall comply with all domestic and international competition legislation where applicable and ensure that relevant employees understand the provisions of these laws where appropriate.
  11. Members of Made in Britain must agree to not politicise the Made in Britain organisation and our collective mark in any way whatsoever. Made in Britain only wants to encourage government, local authorities, buyers, specifiers and the general public to purchase more British-made products from our members and to help make it easier to identify and buy them.
  12. All Members of Made in Britain shall be expected to comply with all of the requirements set out in this Code.  Any Member that does not conform with this Code (Non-Conformity) shall be expected to rectify any such Non-Conformity as soon as is practical. Made in Britain acknowledges that effectively operated Member Companies may on occasion require further support and assistance to resolve issue/s of Non-Conformity and therefore in circumstances determined solely by the Board of Made in Britain, a Member Company may receive 6 months to rectify an area of Non-Conformity with this Code.
  13. Made in Britain may at its discretion provide any support and assistance that it deems appropriate. Made in Britain reserves the right to terminate the membership of a Member Company for failure to rectify an issue of Non-Conformity within the agreed time frame, in accordance with this Code of Conduct.