Code of Conduct

The Made in Britain Code of Conduct unites all our members by setting out the core principles and business standards to which members of Made in Britain are expected to adhere, thus safeguarding the reputation of the Mark, the Made in Britain organisation and the British-made products to which the mark is applied. The code of conduct is published here on our website (below) and must be signed by all Made in Britain members upon joining the organisation. The signatory must be the business owner, a company director or person authorised to act on their behalf. 

The Made in Britain membership organisation aims to provide assurance that products are identified as being made in the geographical territory of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and that our members adhere to the highest standards.

  1.  Members of Made in Britain control and manage / subcontract a factory, workshop or studio where people make finished physical products and finished digital products. Member businesses must share evidence of this activity and share examples of where they apply the official collective mark.

  2.  Members must be able to provide evidence their business is using the mark according to the Made in Britain organisation’s published terms. The collective mark must be used only on products that are made in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Members using the mark on their products that are not made in Great Britain or Northern Ireland can be suspended. 

  3.  Members should inform the organisation if they discover possible misuse or misrepresentation of the collective mark. Made in Britain will investigate cases of passing off, misuse, use without being a member and other mark applications that contravene our published terms and conditions, with advice from our legal advisors.

  4.  When renewing membership once per year, the business representative must declare any change in annual revenue/turnover. The organisation must know when your business should progress into a new tier of membership.

  5.  Members of Made in Britain must be committed to providing skilled/semi-skilled work environments, where competent people are properly rewarded to carry out fulfilling and rewarding manufacturing of physical and digital products.

  6.  Members of Made in Britain adhere to all relevant health and safety laws and regulations, providing a clean and safe environment in which to work.

  7.  Members share with Made in Britain their accreditations and, where applicable, their achievements regarding sustainable manufacturing, the environment and ‘net zero’ targets and climate protection. 

  8.  Members of Made in Britain must adhere to all regulations and legislation set out by HM government regarding; modern slavery, child labour and anti-bribery/anti-corruption. Members shall act fairly and ethically in all their commercial activities by not engaging in any corrupt activity or act of bribery. Members of Made in Britain must not knowingly politicise the Made in Britain organisation and its collective mark in any way whatsoever. 

  9.  All Made in Britain member products that qualify under our terms and conditions to carry the collective mark, must comply with product-specific legislation, regulations, codes, standards and other third party requirements regarding materials, performance, contaminants and product safety criteria. Members of Made in Britain shall not make false claims or representations about the quality, composition or performance of any of their products.

  10.   Members of Made in Britain shall adhere to relevant legislation prohibiting the restraint of trade, unfair practices and abuse of economic powers. Members shall comply with appropriate competition legislation where applicable and ensure that relevant employees understand the provisions of these laws where appropriate. 

  11. Members of Made in Britain are expected to explore all reasonable options to trade with fellow members and other British suppliers and manufacturers. The Made in Britain mark helps make it easier to identify and buy products made closer to home. Made in Britain encourages members, government, local authorities, buyers, specifiers and the general public to purchase more British made products from its members and other British makers. 

  12.  All members of Made in Britain are expected to comply with the items set out in this code of conduct. A member that is found to not conform with this code (non-conformity) will be expected to rectify the identified non-conformity as soon as is practical. 

  13.  Made in Britain reserves the right to suspend and/or terminate the membership of any member business for failure to rectify an issue of non-conformity with this code of conduct within the agreed time frame.


: Made in Britain is a member of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC - UK Network) - the world’s largest corporate responsibility initiative with over 12,000 signatories committed to promoting the values of sustainable development. Participants agree to align their operations and strategies with ten universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. The Made in Britain Code of Conduct was developed specifically for manufacturers, and from the UNGC's Ten Core Business Principals.