The Made in Britain collective mark

The official collective mark for British manufacturers is registered with UKIPO across 30 product classes. The Made in Britain collective mark unites the British manufacturing sector and helps consumers, buyers and specifiers identify products that are made in Britain. 


The Made in Britain mark is accredited to businesses that sell goods that have been manufactured or have undergone a final substantial change in Britain before sale. All companies that apply to use the Made in Britain mark may be asked to submit written evidence that they manufacture their products in Britain. 

Made in Britain adheres to advice on country of origin labelling included in the Trade Descriptions Act 1968. Country of origin is therefore the country in which a product last underwent a final treatment or process resulting in a substantial change. You can read all about our Terms & Conditions, including eligibility here.

Payment of the affordable annual membership fee (click to see fees) includes the licence to use the mark, which has already been prepared in multiple versions and file types so designers can use it across packaging, in print, on products and in social media. Members all receive a handbook explaining how to make the mark look correct across hundreds of different applications. 

We provide all members with a complete suite of Made in Britain marks in the three formats. You can download these from our website once you have joined. And we’ve mapped out all the file types you’ll need: JPEG, CMYK, RGB, EPS so the mark looks consistent across all the thousands of ways it is being applied.