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MADE IN BRITAIN supports manufacturers who produce products in the geographical Territory of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, including the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man; by helping them take advantage of the provenance of British products. We promote British and Northern Irish manufacturing to businesses and consumers in the UK and overseas. You can check if you are eligible for membership here

This application form must be completed by the business owner, a Company Director or person authorised to act on their behalf.

Before you provide us with any information about your company within the Application Form, we recommend you click on and read our Terms & Conditions. We may request to visit your manufacturing facility at any time to verify the information you have chosen to share with Made in Britain. Our Terms & Conditions set out the basis on which you can apply for and become a member of the Made in Britain Membership Programme to access the Membership Benefits. These do include our and your confidentiality obligations. 

The membership fee includes the annual licence to use the Made in Britain collective mark and must be renewed every year.
The cost of membership is based on your annual turnover as follows:

Made in Britain membership tiers and licence fees (effective from 00:01 on Friday 1 December 2023)

Tier 1 (companies with a turnover of up to £1m) £195 per year
Tier 2 (companies with a turnover of £1m to £5m) £390 per year
Tier 3 (companies with a turnover of £5m to £15m) £995 per year
Tier 4 (companies with a turnover of £15m or more) £1,950 per year
All fees are exclusive of VAT @ 20%  

To ensure that all our members are legitimately manufacturing in the UK, and have control over a factory, studio or workshop, we will keep a record of the SIC code of your business together with the Companies House registered number that you provide us with upon application. If you are not familiar with the SIC code system, please contact us at before you apply.  All SIC codes will be reviewed as part of our authentication process.

Lastly, please read our Code of Conduct, this sets out the core principles and business standards to which members of Made in Britain are expected to adhere, thus safeguarding the reputation of the Made in Britain organisation and the British-made products to which the mark is applied. The code of conduct must be signed by the Made in Britain member. 

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