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The original LINIAN FireClip was created back in 2006 by Wes Arbuckle. Wes knew there was a better way of installing cable – one that was faster, safer and simpler. The FireClip has become synonymous with LINIAN’s brand and the design patented – there’s no other product out there like it.  

Wes Arbuckle named the business after his two children, Lynne and Ian. Together with his wife Jean, the four family members are now directors of the business and together they face the challenges of growing a booming business. Each family member brings a unique skill set to the business and together, they’re looking forward to new projects and conquering new challenges as the business continues its growth.  

The original LINIAN FireClip was created back in 2006. Since then, the clip range has grown, and now, in 2024, LINIAN offers 120 cable clip solutions, plus other innovative products for the electrical, fibre and fire safety industries. 


About LINIAN’s products 

In addition to the Fire Clip, 2019 saw the introduction of two new product ranges for LINIAN. The SuperClip and the T&E Clip were both created to solve new problems in the industry.  LINIAN SuperClips are suitable for conduit, armoured & grouped cables and can be used across all substrates. LINIAN T&E Clips are suitable for flat twin & CPC cabling across all substrates. The coloured coating options means all LINIAN clips are almost invisible once installed making them perfect for residential use.  In 2020, the LINIAN product range expanded again with the launch of the Coaxial Clip, and the Earth Rod Pro ranges, and there are more innovative products in development for launch in 2021 and beyond.

LINIAN's range of fire-safe cable clips includes the original LINIAN FIRECLIP, the SUPERCLIP - their strongest single component fixing, T&E CLIP – the most versatile way to install T&E cables, and the COAXIAL CLIP – the fastest way to install coaxial ‘Shotgun’ cables. LINIAN now have over 120 cable fixing products ensuring there is a solution to suit 1000’s of different cable types, with no need for screws, plugs, cleats or nail-in clips. also produce innovative solutions for rapid Earth Rod installation - ideal for EV  charging units, and the range is expanding to include solutions for the plumbing and
DIY installer.

LINIAN's research and development team are continually working on new ideas. With innovation and safety at the heart of the business, you can rest assured, LINIAN will be conquering problems you haven’t even encountered yet.

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