LINIAN & Doncaster Cables Sizing Guide

LINIAN & Doncaster Cables Sizing Guide


Nov 2022                                

Do you need help finding the perfect cables and clips for your installation? We've all been there. We want to do the best job but can get overwhelmed with sizes, product codes, cable diameters and cleat sizes. It can be particularly confusing as there aren't specific reference standards. Cables and clip sizes can vary depending on the manufacturer. To help installers, Doncaster Cables and LINIAN have come together to design an EV-Ultra® and Firesure® LINIAN Clip Cable Sizing Guide. It is simple and easy to use, helping you choose the right products for safe, compliant, and tidy installations.

About Us

LINIAN and Doncaster Cables are members of Made in Britain, and both companies are recognised and respected by the industry for their trusted products and innovative approach. LINIAN create easy-install fire-rated fixings and other time-saving solutions for the electrical, fire and fibre markets. LINIAN clips save significant labour time, as no additional plugs, screws, washers, or special tools are needed. Instead, drill a hole, slide the clip over the cable or conduit and tap it in. 

Doncaster Cables is the largest British-owned general wiring manufacturer in the UK. The company has been manufacturing cables since 1984. It is renowned for its high-quality, safe, British-made cables, including the incredibly popular EV-Ultra and Firesure ranges used by many LINIAN installers. 

Safety as a priority

Doncaster Cables is industry renowned as a market leader in the manufacture of the highest quality electrical cables. Their cables are manufactured above the minimum requirements of relevant British, European, and International standards, and they have third-party approvals from BASEC, LPCB, CSA and UL. Their Firesure range includes approvals from both BASEC and LPCB, whilst their EV-Ultra® cable is also third party approved by BASEC to a certificate of assessed design. These approvals give reassurance that their cables are fully compliant and consistently meet all criteria required.

At LINIAN, safety is also a top priority. All LINIAN products are manufactured in the UK with the best quality materials. Products are rigorously tested to ensure they meet the highest standards of safety and compliance, preventing the risk of premature collapse of cables in the event of a fire. 

All LINIAN clips are 18th edition compliant. However, at LINIAN, the company is not content just to meet the regulations. The team believes it is crucial to push themselves and the industry to improve. Way back when LINIAN invented the FireClip™, their original single-component, fire-rated fixing, they were faced with the question… 'How do you test a product there are no test standards for?' They worked with Exova Warrington Fire to develop testing to prove the integrity of the clips (you can read more about it here). LINIAN continued to test it to stringent London Underground standards for smoke emissions and even more strict European equivalent standard DIN4102-12 EU, too. 

Tidy Installations

Since LINIAN's first product, the company has grown. It now offers over 120 varieties of fire-rated cable fixings, plus other tools and innovative products for the electrical, fire and fibre markets. One of the key advantages of LINIAN clips is their unique coating which offers unparalleled corrosion resistance. The company's state-of-the-art coating plant offers versatility to coat clips in any RAL colour the heart (or client) desires. Aesthetics is increasingly essential, especially for EV installations where cables are visible outside people's homes and businesses. LINIAN clips are designed to fit perfectly and match the cable for a discreet, almost invisible finish. Compared to traditional cleats and saddles, they save time and look much tidier too. 

EV-Ultra cable is designed for use in the installation of electric vehicle charge points. The cable incorporates power conductors, and a 2 core or 4 pair screened data cable encapsulated in a double-sheathed design for extra protection. This innovative cable gives a solution to installers where both power and data are required and allows a quicker, neater, easier install to be achieved.

Both products offer the installer an easy, safe, tidy installation favoured by installers and clients. To see both products in action, check out some of the LINIAN #SparkyShare posts on social media.

How does the guide work?

Each page of the guide is dedicated to a different range by Doncaster Cables:

Page 1: FIRESURE® 500

Page 2: EV-ULTRA®, Single Phase 2 Core Data

Page 3: EV-ULTRA®, Single Phase 4 Pair Data & Three Phase 4 Pair Data.

The first two columns of each page show the Doncaster Cables product code and the cables' approximate overall cable diameter. In the third column, you will find the suitable LINIAN Clip for each cable, followed by the cleat size number, LINIAN clip pack quantity and product code. 

For example, EV-Ultra® Product Code EV-ULTRA3C4.0, has an approximate overall cable Ø (OD) of 13.6mm. In the following columns, you will see that the clip to go with this cable is the LINIAN SuperClip™, 12-14mm, Black, equivalent to a size six cleat, with a pack quantity of 25 and product code 1LSB1214.


Check out the new LINIAN & Doncaster Cables Sizing Guide now:

LINIAN Sizing Guide-EV Ultra Firesure


We would love to hear what you think about the new size guide! You can message the LINIAN team on social media or email Remember to tag LINIAN and Doncaster Cables in your installation pictures too.




*The sizing guide document is intended to assist you when choosing a clip to fit your cable and is correct at the time of production (Oct 2022). However, CABLE SIZES MAY VARY. Always check the overall diameter of the actual cable you are installing with the cable manufacturer.


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