Peter Atmore joins Made in Britain Board of Directors

Chairman, Chris Harrop has welcomed Peter Atmore of Fracino to the Made in Britain Board of Directors. Peter joins Camilla Hadcock of Roach Bridge Tissues, David Osborne of Roman Ltd, Uri Baruchin of The Partners and Antony Wallis of Best of Britannia. He brings many years of experience in provenance marketing and manufacturing to Made in Britain and is keen to make trading links with other members. 

“I volunteered to join the board of not-for-profit organization Made in Britain because I believe it has a major role to play in promoting the incredible variety of high quality and innovative products that are produced in Britain. Helping both small and large companies who are all dedicated to producing products interact with each other, support each other and share ideas and business practice will enhance the impact these products make in both home and global markets." 

Peter is an genuine enthusiast for the UK manufacturing sector and is optimistic about the future. 

" Some of the world’s most innovative and entrepreneurial companies are based here in Britain, many unaware of similarly driven businesses in other sectors of the British manufacturing pool of rich talent, becoming exceptionally good at what they do. It needs an organisation such as MIB to harness all these wonderful success stories and bring them together to highlight the wealth of talent, range of products, resources and skills to other businesses and consumers – both at home and abroad - and provide a forum in which to share this wealth around for the mutual benefit of all involved

A factor common to all members is that they are very passionate and very proud to be a British Manufacturer and I wanted to play a small part in helping get their stories heard. 

 Peter Atmore is Head of Global Sales and Marketing at Fracino who are Britain’s only commercial traditional espresso machines manufacturer.  


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