10 reasons to love ground source heat pumps

Hello? Is it low carbon heating you're looking for?

  1. They future-proof your property, add value, and improve its energy efficiency.
  2. They are the most efficient renewable heating technology – you only pay for 1/3 of the energy used!
  3. No seasonal fluctuations in efficiency, as ground temperatures remain constant all year round.
  4. They produce zero carbon emissions or pollutants, improving the local air quality.
  5. They can provide 100% of a property’s heating, hot water and cooling needs.
  6. They have low running costs, minimal maintenance requirements, and last up to 25 years.
  7. You can apply for government grants to reduce the cost of your installation.
  8. They fit perfectly inside your home, with Kensa’s models designed to be quiet, stylish and compact.
  9. The ground arrays last 100 years, and are virtually invisible once installed underground.
  10. Kensa’s models have smart and clever controls that optimise their performance.

Desperately seeking sustainability?

Why Kensa is your perfect match...

  • Passionate about delivering zero carbon heating across the UK   
  • Proud to be British  all our heat pumps are manufactured from the heart of Cornwall    
  • Dedicated to providing marketing-leading MCS-accredited ground source heat pumps   
  • Available Now fast lead times will quickly pair you with your perfect heating system   
  • Hands-on our nationwide network of installers ensures your project is in safe hands   
  • LOVEKENSA: Learn more. 

Read why our past customers love us…

"Fantastic company. Customer service is their number one. In a market with newly emerging concepts and ideas they are patient with me whenever I ring as I don't understand it all. They will talk you through all menus and any issues you have. Tech services are great. Thanks for all your help."

"This is a friendly and approachable company that have been so helpful. Our first time using a heat pump and they have gone above and beyond to ensure we have everything in place and that all the materials reach us in time. I will definitely be using this company again and would highly recommend them to anyone that wants to install a heat pump. Thank you so much for all you have done and we can wait to show it to everyone. This is definitely a 5* company!"

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