11 Reasons Why Reshoring Your Electronics Manufacturing Will Supercharge Your Production Line

SUB-CONTRACT electronics is perhaps one of the most competitive industries, with hundreds of organisations from across the world vying for your business. When choosing a subcontract electronics partner, opting for an offshore manufacturer may seem like an attractive proposition; overseas firms often offer lower prices along with larger production capacity. But what appears to be an offer too good to refuse is usually too good to be true. 

The most important things to consider when choosing an electronics manufacturer are how reliable they are and how invested they are in your work. When you've spent time and money on your project, you want whoever you work with to be as excited and enthusiastic about it as you. With this in mind, working with an electronics manufacturer halfway around the world doesn't immediately spring to mind as a recipe for success, as it can often foster an impersonal relationship with a computer screen rather than an actual human being. Not only that, but working across multiple timezones and, in some cases, languages can affect your ability to work closely together, which is crucial to the development of a successful contractor-client relationship. The Covid-19 pandemic has also caused significant disruption to international supply chains, affecting the reliability of on-time deliveries from overseas partners.  

Why you should consider reshoring your electronics manufacturing operation 

More and more British businesses are reshoring their electronics manufacturing operation, bringing it back from overseas and instead choosing a British partner. Why? Because it makes good sense and for a whole host of reasons. Here are 11 top reasons why reshoring your electronics manufacturing will supercharge your production line: 

  1. Closer communication: as already mentioned, working with overseas partners can be a challenge. Not only can there be language barriers, but often the timezone difference can make developing an effective relationship tricky. By reshoring and choosing a UK-based partner, these challenges can be overcome. 
  2. See the work for yourself: although jumping on a plane to travel across the world sounds rather appealing, having quick access to your manufacturing partner is a vital part of the relationship you'll have with them. Witnessing the work they're doing and seeing your project come to life will give you confidence that it's proceeding as planned. 
  3. Higher quality: this is one of the key selling points of the UK. British manufacturing is renowned the world over, and China often imports electronics solutions for particular applications. 
  4. Better cashflow for your business: offshore partners regularly insist on partial or full payment upon placing an order. With lead times often being several months from the point of order to fulfilment, cashflow becomes incredibly important. You should also consider the fact that most overseas organisation complete transactions in US Dollars, so there is likely going to be some fluctuation in the pricing between order and fulfilment. Reshoring means you can take advantage of operating in one local currency, providing you with peace of mind that you’re in full control of your cashflow. 
  5. Inspect the facilities: offshore providers may very well be able to offer the levels of quality you expect, but inspecting their facilities is made more difficult when they're thousands of miles away. It's also essential to protect your business's reputation by ensuring you are involved in an ethical production chain. There are strict employment laws in the UK that cover everything from workers' rights to anti-slavery. Overseas companies may not be subject to the same level of regulation as those in the UK. 
  6. One-stop solution: electronics manufacturing often consists of more than just PCB assembly. Developing prototypes, testing board layouts and making changes to final designs all forms part of the process. Reshoring allows you more flexibility to choose a one-stop partner that can offer you all of these services, reducing costs and saving valuable time. 
  7. Reduced delivery times: even in the hyper-connected world we live, there's no escaping the enormous role geography has to play in business. Reshoring will mean that your orders may be fulfilled much quicker and reduce the time it takes to get your project from the factory floor into the hands of your customers. 
  8. Reduced delivery costs: as with above, the closer you are, the cheaper it will be to have things delivered to you. 
  9. Reduced carbon footprint: delivery is cheaper when reshoring because it hasn't got as far to travel, which also means that the process of getting your goods to you is less intense on the environment, which should be a focus for every business. Also, it may be possible to reduce the amount of packaging or considerable reusable packaging with a more local supplier.  
  10. Reduced risk to supply chains: local supply chains are often far simpler to work with and offer greater flexibility when external factors such as Covid, customs and international couriers cause disruption. 
  11. Lower minimum order requirements: using local suppliers often means that smaller orders are more practical, which lessens the level of commitment needed from your business. 

There are several subcontract electronics manufacturers to choose from in the UK. Still, very few can offer the level of service, quality, and commitment as Contract Production Limited. Based in North Yorkshire, we have become the partner of choice for many businesses looking to re-shore their electronics manufacturing operation. We can offer something offshore firms simply cannot: a direct channel to the team working on your project and a level of care and attention to your project that is unmatched, even by other businesses in the UK! 

As a one-stop solution for subcontract electronics, we offer a whole host of manufacturing services that will breathe life into your project, ensuring that it meets exacting quality and reliability standards and is delivered on time, every time. Our range of services includes: 

  • PCB assembly services, including SMT and thru-hole 
  • BGA placement and inspections 
  • Box build 
  • PCB testing and prototyping 

Contract Production is committed to providing high-quality electronic assemblies and products to each of our partners, regardless of their operation's scale or scope. Stringent internal quality assurance procedures ensure that all the work we do is carried out and completed to consistently high standards.  

As an ISO 9001:2015-accredited company, we are committed to the highest levels of quality. All our electronic assemblies are manufactured, inspected and released to the latest revision IPC-A-610 standard. Our in-house IPC-certified trainer ensures that ongoing compliance to the latest standards is maintained, providing the highest levels of confidence in our manufacturing procedures and processes at all times. 

By reshoring your electronics manufacturing operation with Contract Production, you can be sure that your production line will receive a kick of enthusiasm and energy from a team that will share your passion and desire for your project. The Contract Production team will work diligently and with the utmost precision to ensure that your project runs like clockwork, saving you time and money and allowing you to focus on the other important aspects of your organisation.  

All of this is offered with our proper Yorkshire approach to business: simple, honest, no-nonsense. Choose Contract Production as your reshoring partner and let us become the heartbeat of your production process. 

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