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Contract Production Ltd

Contract Production

Contract Production Ltd is a Contract Electronics Manufacturer based in Pickering, North Yorkshire. The Company’s principal activity is the manufacture of printed circuit assemblies using both surface mount and through-hole technology. 

Cable assembly and complete product manufacture are also undertaken and the Company has a network of contacts such as plastic moulders and precision engineers which enables a one-stop, turnkey solution to be provided.

Contract Production prides itself on its flexible response, engineering capability and high standards of quality. The Company serves a wide range of customers but has a particular niche in high quality industrial markets such as instrumentation and can manufacture to Intrinsically Safe standards where required. 

The Company’s quality system is approved to BS EN ISO 9001:2015 and IPC-A-610 is typically used as the PCB assembly standard. Semi and fully automated processes are available whilst, at the other end of the scale, CPL are happy to work with customers at the prototype and pre-production stage.

 As well as its traditional business, Contract Production Ltd is currently seeking long term partnerships with client companies having innovative ideas requiring product realisation. 

We can assist with product development and design for manufacture and look forward to joining you in a creative and profitable relationship.

Capabilities & Facilities 

The range of services that we offer to each customer varies depending upon the exact needs and requirements of the project. We can offer all or any of our comprehensive services to meet your needs. In addition to the capabilities listed below, we have excellent links with a wide range of external suppliers, designers and manufacturers who can offer value added services to our clients.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss any requirements or questions that you may have. Listed below are our main areas of expertise.

Material Control

Anti-static stores and handling facilities 

Material procurement service 

Goods inward inspection 

Component Pre-forming and Kitting 

Documentation and manufacturing system based on Herschel MRP Software 


Full anti-static precautions including anti-static benches, flooring and use of wrist and heel straps 

Surface mount placement by automatic pick and place(Panasonic AM100), or manually as appropriate.

Auto placement of package sizes from 0201 to QFP208, board size up to 457x610 

BGA and QFN placement and inspection capability 

Hot air reflow 

Manual through-hole assembly & Box build 

Hot air manual rework and vacuum handling station for rework and repair 

Ultrasonic cleaning if required (no-clean flux as standard) 

Full equipment assembly including cable preparation and light mechanical assembly 

Operators trained to IPC-A-610, Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies 

Inspection 100% in-process inspection followed by...   QC inspection to BS6000 sample plans or 100% inspection as appropriate 

 Stereo microscope, Automated Optical Inspection and BGA inspection equipment available 

 BGA X-ray facilities available externally 


 All typical bench test equipment available plus...   Bespoke test rigs when required 

 Processor and GAL programming capability 

 Fault finding to component levels 


Design including circuit design, software (PIC assembler, C, Visual Basic) and PCB layout   Installation and Commissioning of in-house designed product 

General engineering support to customers and in-house manufacturing group 

Projects and Customer Applications

At Contract Production Ltd we manufacture PCB assemblies and complete box-build systems for a wide range of customers in many different applications.



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