2023 Made in Britain export survey results

For the second autumn running, in advance of the UK’s International Trade Week, Made in Britain surveyed a representative body of circa 5% of its 2,000 member UK manufacturing companies, in cooperation with the UK’s Department for Business and Trade.

The 2023 export survey found:

> 95% of UK manufacturing companies believe a product being identifiable as ‘Made in Britain’ is helpful for sales in the majority of countries around the world;

> Europe is by far the most active export region for UK manufacturers, followed by North America, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East, in that order;

> Beyond Europe, the single country that most Made in Britain members told us they are exporting to is Australia;

> After Australia, the 10 stand-out markets are (based on the number of exporting UK manufacturers):

1. USA
2. UAE
3. Canada
4. New Zealand
5. Saudi Arabia
6. Singapore
7. India
8. Turkey
9. Japan
10. Mexico

> Support provided by the Department for Business and Trade is well used, particularly that of DBT International Trade Advisors, however there is still work to be done to raise the awareness of the support available to UK exporters.

To make contact with Made in Britain or its Advisor, George Middleton at MAP UK & International, in relation to international trade or for more details on Made in Britain’s International Trade Programme, please email: trade@madeinbritain.org.

By Made in Britain 8 months ago | Exports

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