6 signs your lockers need an upgrade

With new design, technology and manufacturing processes, there are many reasons why your locker room might need updating.

Are they dated, dark, or needing some TLC?
Gone are the days when lockers were bland, grey, metallic boxes lined up in the school halls. With the development of technology and style, you can now find lockers in a variety of materials, colours and finishes, with an array of accessories.

Dark bland colours such as grey are known to promote negative feelings, such as sadness and anger. Upgrading your dark lockers to brighter colours could promote more positive feelings throughout. Whether your lockers are in a school, leisure centre or office environment. Perhaps choose blue, with associations to stability, harmony and trust, white to showcase cleanliness and humility, or a wood effect finish to create an earthy and peaceful feel.

Not enough Lockers (or Cubicles)
Perhaps when you started out you only had 3 people working in the office and now you’ve got 30. Or your leisure centre had a competitor down the road who’s closed down so your customer base has skyrocketed. Whatever the reason, you no longer have enough lockers or cubicles available.

With a variety of shapes, sizes and configurations, you may well be able to fit more lockers and cubicles in the same space. It just takes a bit of creative thinking.

Your company is becoming more sustainable
You’ve introduced a cycle to work scheme in the office – brilliant! But no one wants to cycle to work in the rain and sit in an office in wet clothes all day. Invest in some heated lockers and you’ll probably find more people take up on the scheme. With a variety of options available, including timers, thermostats, as well as a variety of colours, locks and finishes, your team can have their clothes dry before they leave at the end of the day.

You want new lockers that are easier to clean
Particularly in recent times, the idea of cleanliness, washing our hands and keeping germs at bay has been in the forefront of people’s minds. With a variety of materials available, modern lockers are easier to keep clean, and some even have protection against germs.

Essential Metal Lockers are simple to maintain, with a practical design and slim structure and are easily wiped down to reduce the risk. Laminate Lockers are also ideal, with anti-bacterial laminate available for better protection against germs.

Your lockers are no longer secure
Over time, older lockers can deteriorate, with the metal rusting or locks being broken. Newer locker designs, whether they be metal, laminate, glass or an alternative are designed to stand the test of time. Plus, with a variety of new technologies, whether you want a basic key, a coin return lock, a key strap, a combination lock or a digital lock, lockers have never been so secure. Now could be the best time to upgrade yours.

You just feel like a change!
Whether you’ve had your lockers for 5 months or 5 years, sometimes we just fancy a change, and that’s ok! With brand new technology, sustainable practices and materials being developed all the time, you may want to upgrade sooner than planned!

Have you been thinking about updating yours? Contact Helmsman today to find out how we can help!

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