Vehicle convertors use a lot of sealants and adhesives in their operations. That makes perfect sense. But not enough of them are enjoying the benefits of using hybrid sealants in their production processes and they could be missing a trick.

First of all, what is a hybrid? Well, as the name suggests it’s a new-generation high performance sealant, specially formulated to combine the best properties of silicones  - such as high elasticity – and polyurethanes - including paintability and mechanical strength. If you are interested in the science, they are unique silane-cured organic polymers based on our own Hodgson Hyspec technology.

But what are the tangible benefits for vehicle convertors to using hybrid sealants: 

1.      Why use two cartridges when one will do? Hybrid products are extremely versatile and suitable for both sealing and bonding applications, reducing the need for multiple products for every application. Reducing the amount of products needed will save time, save processes, and simplify the vehicle build.

2.      Seal the deal. The seal on vehicles is pretty fundamental and that seal needs to last, no matter what the weather throws at the vehicle throughout its life. Hodgson Hyspec products have enhanced resistance to weathering built into the formulation. One of the reasons some sealants fail is that they crack after continued exposure to sunlight, allowing moisture in. But our hybrids are much more resistant to damaging UV radiation relative to polyurethane and other traditional sealant technologies. This can not only significantly improve long term build quality but also reduce whole life costs of the vehicle. 

3.      Made for production: our hybrid products are specifically formulated for production environments with ease of gunning as standard and no stringing on application. That means that they are not only easier and less hassle to use, hybrid sealants take less time to tool or clean the sealant, reducing cycle times.

4.      The name’s bond. The way that hybrid sealants cure is different from traditional sealants and that makes for a better bond. The process, known as crosslinking, is the formation of additional chemical bonds between polymeric chains to form a three dimensional network – stronger yet more flexible than traditional silicones or first generation hybrids. The upshot for vehicle convertors is fast and tack free curing. 

5.      Clean up: the crosslinking process means that hybrid sealants cure through completely, without any residual tack that will pick up dirt in the production process, once again reducing production cycles and clean up times.

6.      Free and easy: our new generation hybrids are solvent free so when they cure there is no there is no pitting or shrinkage of the product as the solvent flashes off. 

7.      Our Hyspec Hybrid products are isocyanate free and are not labelled with warnings about irritation or sensitisation issues, helping to create a healthier workplace

8.      Kinder to the planet: our new generation hybrid sealants are available in foil ‘sausage packs’: just as easy to use but with less plastic packaging. An empty sausage is more than eight times less volume than a spent cartridge and up to 60% lighter. 

If you would like to learn more about hybrid sealants and how they can make your sealing processes quicker, cleaner and more effective, give us a call. Our technical team will be happy to help.

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