About Our Product Design & Development Services - Toolmaking and Plastic Injection Moulding

Dudley Associates has worked on a large number of successful high profile design projects and our clients include some of the best product design companies in the UK as well as a number of Universities.

We have worked on design projects as varied as Mercedes, ING F1, NatWest and Motorhead!

We have also worked with many smaller firms or individuals who wanted to develop a new product.

In addition to design toolmaking and Plastic Injection Moulding we provide a wide range of ancillary services including:

  • component design
  • part analysis
  • consultancy on materials
  • use of specialist additives such as antimicrobial and UV
  • colour matching
  • Stereolithography and other prototype techniques
  • logos and artwork
  • PCB's, LED’s, and other incorporated electronics
  • in mould decoration
  • assembly
  • packaging  

In fact, we can provide everything the Client needs to be able to get the plastics side of their project right and on time.

From the initial design concept through to creating visuals, 3D CAD, prototyping, development and finally the production supply of moulded parts or assemblies - ranging from single parts to suites of parts.

We operate several high-end 3D CAD (computer aided design) packages and can accept data from all the major design platforms.

We are also licensed users of Visi Flow software for the analysis of polymer flow properties, a must have for superior design and manufacture.

Due to the high-profile development nature of most of our work we benefit from prioritised technical back-up from the world’s major polymer manufacturers and have access to the very latest polymers, and design and processing data.

Often, we are asked to guide engineers or individuals through their choice of polymers, design, colours, additives, and processing to help reach the best specification for both manufacture & budget.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if this is something you require or would like more information on.

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