AgileAcoustics joins Made in Britain

SALTS Mills is a World Heritage site in Saltaire in the heart of West Yorkshire and is the home of AgileAcoustics, a company which designs, manufactures and installs innovative acoustic products for workplace and education clients across the UK. AgileAcoustics has now joined the Made in Britain organisation. 

AgileAcoustics told Made in Britain that it has a small but dedicated team which designs and produces its innovative range of specially-designed acoustic panels, tiles and bespoke solutions to transform the workspaces of its customers. Noise and reverberation in the workplace can be a real issue and the company says its team of skilled designers, joiners and upholsterers  ensure that its products will not only reduce the impact of noise but will also enable the business to get the most out of its premises. AgileAcoustics supplies its products, including wrap around screens, ceiling rafts, freestanding screens, bio tiles, acoustic art panels and Agile Pods to improve acoustics and absorb sound in a variety of sectors including, education, hospitality and corporate. The company says it is proud that its committed team can provide advice on innovative and aesthetically pleasing solutions to businesses that will transform the working lives of people across the UK. This is all backed up by excellent customer service and support. 

Stuart Jones, chief executive officer at AgileAcoustics, told Made in Britain, “It is great that AgileAcoustics has joined Made in Britain. We are a very proud small manufacturer, and we’re very excited about the prospect of getting to know lots of other SME manufacturers across Britain.”

AgileAcoustics will be using the official Made in Britain mark on its marketing materials, its emails and on its website. Find out more about the company at its members’ directory profile here and its website here




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