Airedale launch 'Made in Britain' short film series

Made in Britain member Airedale, world leader in high efficiency cooling solutions, have launched a series of Made in Britain branded films on YouTube.

Using the Made in Britain marque extensively helps to emphasise their competitive advantage as part of long-term strategic approach to provenance marketing. Airedale have also designated a page on their website explaining why they joined the UK’s most diverse network of manufacturing excellence.

"By joining Made in Britain, unlike the vast proportion of our competitors, we are able to adopt a mark of distinction to our customer base. It is an assurance of quality, support and performance that is the DNA of our brand, and is demonstrated in the customer orientated systems we deliver."

Airedale Air Conditioning is a British manufacturer with over 40 years’ experience. As the UK’s number one provider of chillers, precision air conditioning and IT cooling solutions and at the forefront of controls software design and optimisation, we are experts in integrating products to reduce total cost of ownership.  Airedale exports to customers in over 60 different countries, including the Far-East, Middle-East, Africa, and countries even as far as New Zealand. Our systems are engineered to perform. Conceptualised, designed, developed and manufactured in the UK, and applied worldwide. With innovation, performance and efficiency at their heart, we are proud of our British heritage.

By Made in Britain 3 years ago | Made in Britain news

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