Akri®, the other way to create large planter beds

Furnitubes is launching Akri®, a wall planter enabling large planting beds to be designed as part of a scheme. 
Constructed from recycled steel, Akri® planters are a sustainable and cost effective solution compared with traditional masonry walls or smaller sit-on top planters. Plus they offer designers more creative options in terms of shapes, curves and finishes.  
Catherine Barratt, Managing Director at Furnitubes says: “As urbanisation and high density developments put more and more pressure on the environment, we’re on a mission to ‘green the grey’ and get more people outside. We know that plants and greenery bring many benefits to people - it’s good for body and soul. Large planting beds are the perfect solution as they allow people to engage with nature and within even the busiest of cities.” 
Steel wall planters 
Akri® wall planters are crafted from both straight and curved panels, typically 2m long and with heights up to 1.1m, which allows for a variety of designs to suit most outdoor areas, including podiums, roof terraces, and general public spaces. 
They include optional add-on seating in the form of benches, with or without backrests - constructed of timber slats on a steel frame. These benches can be pre- or retro-fitted. 
Akri® wall planters are available in two ranges: AKRI300 and AKRI600, in a range of heights from 300mm to 1100mm.. 
The panels are light-weight for ease of handling and therefore well suited to roof-tops and podiums. 
For more information, visit www.akriplanter.com or call 020 8378 3200 

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