Akustak® Specified for ExCel District Energy Centre

The ExCel District Energy Centre provides heat and power to the ExCel Exhibition Centre and surrounding area, through the use of Combined Heat & Power engines (CHP).

Airborne sound, emanating from these engines, was the cause of continuous noise nuisance complaints from the adjoining residential dwelling-apartments.  Akustak® was specified to mitigate the problem, from the Energy Centre side. 

It’s modular construction and manoeuvrability (particularly at height and within confined spaces), made Akustak® the perfect application for this logistically challenging project. 

The modules were modified to suit the rigours of an industrial environment, including a fire-treated, impact resistant fascia; ensuring the installation is fit-for-purpose, for years to come.

Following the installation, sound levels, in the adjoining dwelling-apartments, were assessed to be between 23 to 30 dB (LAeq). On this basis, World Health Organization guidelines were successfully met, as stipulated by the local authority, i.e. in bedrooms at night, the guidance limit is 30 dB LAeq, 8h and 35 dB LAeq, 16h for living rooms and bedrooms, during the day.


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