AllScope supports employees options

AllScope Supports Employee Options through Payroll Savings Scheme

We are pleased to have created a new employee support scheme, focussing on support with financial management by becoming a Payroll Plus Partner through our local Pennine Community Credit Union, PCCU.

The partnership means we can provide our employees with more options, guidance and education when it comes to managing personal finances.

Alison Grant, AllScope Office Administrator and HR liaison explained. “We are always looking for ways to support our employees both in an out of the working environment by supporting their personal and mental well-being. Managing personal finances can be a huge contributing factor to worry and stress. We saw the PCCU Payroll Plus scheme as an innovative way to provide more options when it comes to managing their finances”.

“This is particularly important as we continue to have to navigate through the on-going cost of living crisis. Our employees now have more options to save or pay off loans automatically through a free and direct payment option from their salaries each month. This removes the stress and pressures of missing payments or misdirecting funds throughout the month”.

“There is no cost to the employees and just having the peace of mind that you have automatically covered a payment or created a saving account can really remove stress or anxiety when it comes to managing finances”.

Alison was also highly complementary of the support and education provided by PCCU saying “We are really pleased with the way that PCCU have also provided financial education and guidance and can sign post employees to relevant financial support organisations and charities”.

The scheme has proved popular amongst many Pendle businesses including VEKA, Burnley Council and Calico.

Removing Exposure To Expensive Alternatives

David Harris, Development Officer at PCCU explained how the partnership can support the financial wellbeing of employees “We are really pleased to offer the Payroll Plus scheme to AllScope Project’s team. Payroll wage deduction schemes creates saving habits that will help employees meet sudden expenses. It can help protect them from debt and financial problems. We promote financial education to account holders and signpost to many organisations for support. It also gives employees access to simple, flexible and affordable loans. This lessens the exposure to expensive credit cards, loan sharks, high-cost lenders and payday loans.”

Speaking to the Employees, Production Laminator Alison at AllScope Projects said “As an employee, it is great to see AllScope support employees options, not just practically on the shop floor, but through additional activities like payroll saving schemes”.

“So many people are under pressure when it comes to personal and family financial management. It can be really difficult to talk about money, no matter what age you are or circumstances you are in. People are easily embarrassed or worried they are letting others down. Schemes like this are a great way to promote and educate people in being pro-active and provide some means of self-help and reassurance that you can turn things round.

“It’s free, doesn’t require any complicated forms or processes and is automatically managed through your wage payments each month”.

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