Amateur Radio is alive and well in Warwickshire

Often thought of as a hobby from the last century, Callum McCormick, the owner of DX Commander reports a doubling of business in the last 12-months. Last year Ofcom in the UK granted 4,000 new licences to those brave enough to take the Foundation Exam, managed by the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB). In the USA the numbers are even larger with around 1,000 new entrants into the hobby every month.

Amateur Radio allows hobbyists to communicate with each other using simple equipment enjoying the "magic" of radio and enticing long-distant signals from other parts of the world making friends in the process. Breaking down political and country barriers, "Ham Radio" operators can be heard communicating 24x7 using voice, digital modes and even morse-code.

DX Commander, originally a hobby business making simple antennas for friends has grown to nearly £500k in the last 12-months and allows Callum and his family to work together with Wendy his wife running the admin and their son, Loki managing dispatch and production.

Callum can often be heard on his radio, Live Streaming his test results on YouTube.

Find out more about DX Commander on their member profile page here

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