Avoid Winter Slips and Falls

Safety Signs Manufacturer and Safety Products Supplier Spectrum Industrial have launched a campaign ‘Avoid Winter Slips and Falls to help raise awareness of the accidents that occur at workplace premises due to bad weather in the winter months. 

According to the Health & Safety Executive, slips and falls in the workplace cost employers over £500m per year!  Employers have a duty to provide a safe place of work and this includes avoiding slips and falls which occur more frequently in winter due to wet floors, snow and ice.

Spectrum Industrial have produced an infographic with useful tips to avoid winter slips and falls, available for download at spectrum-industrial.co.uk.

As a leading manufacturer in health and safety signage, Spectrum have over 25 years experience supplying health and signage which meet all relevant standards including BS 5499 and ISO EN 7010. 

The traditional signage range for winter includes a selection of temporary signs A Boards and Road signs to warn individuals of potential hazards and to take extra care in the vicinity, as well as Grit Bin kits and de-icing salt that can be easily located around premises to prepare paths, roads and car parks.

With around 3000 people admitted to hospital from winter slips and falls (hospital statistics England), and the significant costs to business, this simple investment in winter preparation products would help to avoid serious injuries.

You can download the infographic at spectrum-industrial.co.uk or contact Spectrum Industrial for more information about their product range at sales@spectrum-industrial.co.uk

Find out more about Spectrum Industrial on their member profile page here

Find out more about Spectrum Industrial on their member profile page here

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