Being Outdoors Is The ‘New Normal’

Being Outdoors Is The ‘New Normal’ - Release Your Outside Potential With Eco-Friendly Recycled Furniture That’s Guaranteed For 25 Years!

During the current pandemic, businesses the nation over are having to take unprecedented action to protect staff and customers from the threat of Coronavirus.  Now that the nationwide restrictions are being gradually eased, ensuring your outdoor spaces are fit for use has never been more crucial as we adjust to life in the ‘New Normal’. 

It remains highly likely that strict social distancing practices will be a crucial operational requirement for the foreseeable future, so introducing furniture outside to make better use of your available space is a great way to stay compliant with government regulations, whilst creating a more comfortable al fresco dining area for your customers to enjoy – just in time for summer.

When considering your outdoor furniture, NBB recycled plastic is a perfect choice, as the material looks like timber but can last outside all year round without the need for annual maintenance.  All our furniture is offered at competitive prices and comes with our market-leading 25-year warranty!  It is extremely hard-wearing, guaranteed never to split, chip, crack, or rot, and the non-porous properties make it easy to clean between uses.  

In fact, recycled plastic can last up to 5 times longer than its timber equivalent!  The longevity of recycled plastic means that it is the perfect cost-effective alternative for use within the restaurant and catering industry, where heavy use is expected following the further easing of restrictions.

Furthermore, we are an accredited member of the Made in Britain organisation. Most of our products are manufactured in Poole, Dorset, and sales of our products have recycled over 33 million milk bottles to date – saving them from further cluttering UK landfill or polluting the ocean.  Not only does our recycled plastic furniture look great, but it has also helped many happy customers achieve their environmental goals.

So, if you’re looking for long-lasting furniture to make the most of your outside spaces, take a look at our eco-friendly range and place your order today.

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