Biomaster antimicrobial door hangers take the guesswork out of hotel hygiene, from Hesketh Press

Regardless of how clean a hotel looks, when it comes to the door hanger on your room, do you really know how many uses it has had?
Hesketh Press is a family-run printing company in the North-West of England and has been supplying the wider UK with digital and lithographic printing and product packaging for over two generations. The company is also a certified user of Biomaster antimicrobial protection for printed products and has now applied the technology to a new range of hygienic signage for hotels, restaurants and other venues. Matt Porter, Director at Hesketh Press says: "The risk of transferring dangerous microbes from surface to hand is an everyday reality and paper and board are vectors for cross-contamination. Our special print coatings containing Biomaster inhibit the growth of bacteria and viruses* and this protection lasts for the entire lifetime of the print”.
*Biomaster is effective against a wide range of bacteria and Norovirus and Feline 

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