Biomaster protected antimicrobial hairbrush from Tangle Angel scooped Marie Claire best detangling hairbrush award

Biomaster partner Tangle Angel scooped a top design award with the new antimicrobial hairbrush, Tangle Angel Rebel. The Marie Claire magazine awards celebrate the most exciting innovations in hair care, also rewarding companies who are taking positive steps to put ethics at the forefront. The Tangle Angel Rebel won in the Best Detangling Brush category. Marie Claire described the Rebel’s detangling ability as “out of this world. It glides through hair – even really long hair – and isn’t fazed by knots and nests, thanks to its flexible bristles.” Hairbrushes can harbour large numbers of many different types of bacteria. Research has shown that a single hair follicle can take on over 50,000 germs and is a haven for dirt, dust and bacteria. Biomaster technology within the hairbrush works 24/7 to provide antimicrobial protection for the intended lifetime of the product.

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