Biomaster protected linings from Sui Generis help endangered bird species at Chester Zoo

Antimicrobial technology can play a significant role in supporting and protecting wildlife on the brink of extinction. Biomaster partner Sui Generis, which produces GRP (glass-reinforced plastic) parts for use in building and vehicles together with fibreglass linings, industrial coatings and anti-slip flooring, is helping Chester Zoo create a safer environment for breeding endangered bird species. With some bird numbers in the wild critically low, Chester Zoo is working alongside conservation breeding centres, establishing viable zoo populations of endangered birds and developing strategies for their survival and reintroduction in the wild. Sui Generis installed GRP linings to new building developments at the zoo, including wall and floor linings in two newly built large and small aviary buildings. The use of GRP gives a full continuous lining, with no joins. The seamless areas are now resistant to penetration by sharp claws and beaks. GRP Linings were chosen to seal and protect the concrete walls and floors, now suitable for regular washing down and cleaning of surfaces, which limits the ability of disease to occur creating a much safer environment for the birds, for many years to come. As an additional line of defence, Biomaster antimicrobial technology is also incorporated within the gel topcoat of the products, providing fast, effective antimicrobial product protection for their lifetime, helping to keep surfaces more hygienic, reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

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