British-made Paxman Coolers appear on Australian TV

Made in Britain Campaign member, Paxman, the leading scalp cooling expert, is continuing to increase its international presence across the globe. Paxman recently appeared on the popular Australian TV channel, Seven, following implementation of scalp cooling using Paxman cold cap systems at The Royal Adelaide Hospital.

Paxman supplied six scalp coolers to The Royal Adelaide Hospital in Australia in 2013 thanks to cancer survivor, Mary Tarzia. Mary raised funds through a number of charity balls to enable a scalp cooler to be donated to the hospital; The Royal Adelaide is the first hospital in the country to use Paxman scalp coolers. Channel Seven featured the story on its primetime show, speaking to both Mary and other patients now benefitting from scalp cooling about their experiences.

Australia’s Brighton Cabrini Hospital also recently trialled the scalp cooling caps. During the trials, 30 breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy used the cap, the trials are now coming to an end and the hospital will continue to offer scalp cooling.

Richard Paxman, Managing Director at Paxman said: “It is great to see our scalp cooling machines making a significant difference in medical centres across the world. We hope that the TV coverage and new deliveries will help increase awareness of scalp cooling and that hair loss for patients undergoing chemotherapy is not inevitable.”

View the footage here

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